Cocoon Fitness Pod

Cocoon Fitness Pod

Cocoon Fitness Pod

The POD is a full body massage, exercise system, and adjustable dual-heat sauna, designed inside a personal pod. In the POD, you will experience an individualized wellness experience designed to help you relax and manage stress, give your body a recovery through heat and massage, boost your mental acuity, and much more.

The Cocoon Fitness POD provides programs around physical fitness (ranging from beginner to elite athletes), relaxation, and weight management to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals faster.

Benefits of the Cocoon Fitness POD: 

• Assists with weight loss goals and helps aid in weight management 

• Cellulite Reduction 

• Skin tightening 

• Firms & Tones Muscles 

• Increases Energy & Endurance 

• Enhance calorie burn for up to 24 hours after your session

• Detoxification through enhanced healthy perspiration 

• Pain Relief through heated vibration massage programs 

• Relaxation & stress management 

• Improved mental performance and acuity 

• Improve Overall Wellness 

• Promoted healthy sleep patterns and choices 

Features of the Cocoon Fitness POD: 

• Dry Heat System - the built-in dry heat sauna helps remove toxins from the body through natural perspiration. 

• Infrared Heat System - the build-in infrared heat system that helps our body heal by penetrating the skin via heat! This infrared penetrates the skin, where red light is only skin-deep. 

• Cooling Fan - a series of cooling fans will help keep your face cool during your session to help prevent overheating. 

• Ergonomic Bed - with an ergonomic design, the bed provides optimal comfort during your session. 

• Massage- Built in massage to help with relaxation 

• Aromatherapy System - with a built in aromatherapy system, your senses are tapped AGAIN via the healing power of smalls. 

• Pre-Programmed Workouts - a variety of pre-programmed workouts and settings allow you to customize your experience for your wellness goals, including heat, infrared, and workout settings.

Benefits of HEAT Therapy

In a nutshell, using heat therapy is beneficial to your body, because it helps alleviate stress, flush out toxins from your body, cleanse your skin, and improve blood circulation. Heat therapy is also helpful in preventing sicknesses, reducing pain in muscles and joints, and inducing healthy sleep, among other benefits

How does Infrared create calorie burn?

When you choose the High Hyperthermic setting on the body pod, your body goes through a process called Thermoregulation. This is the process of your body fighting to cool your core temperature down, while the Infrared is fighting to heat it up. During this process your body is using energy to fight back. That burned energy is also burned calories.

• Relaxation and Wellness setting can burn up to 300 calories 

• Fitness and Hyperthermic setting can burn up to 600 calories


  • Cocoon Pod Single session $105 
  • Three Sessions $199 
  • Five Sessions $250 
  • 10 Sessions $375
  • Facial Fillers Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane, $700 per syringe Special for $100 off per syringe
  • Kybella $1450 per vial, Special $150 off 
  • Fat Dissolving Botox/Xeomin/Dysport Neurotoxins $8-12 per unit/member level 
  • Lip Flip $450

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